One of the Most Popular YuGiOh Ships Ever - A Defense for Puzzleshipping (YamixYuugi -> YuGiOh!)

*Laughs* I don’t even fucking ship this! Might as well defend it!

Let’s do this!

Yugi often looks like a helpless damsel or whore for Yami in fanfic/fanart
This is a valid complaint. I don’t read fan fiction of this pairing, but I have looked at some fan art. Most of the time, Yuugi is either a helpless damsel or a whore. I’m thankful that the pictures I save on my computer as references have him in character, or make him look like a cutie pie.
I’m not going to object to this point. It’s annoying to see Yuugi act like a whore (since that’s weird in every way, shape, and form), or a helpless damsel; in the show, he kicks some major ass. Albeit not physically, but you get the point. He’s a cute little badass, is what I’m trying to say here.

there’s a hint Atem might be Yugi’s ancestor (incest)
Here, fellow followers of fyeahcontroversialcouples, is what I call the incest card.
When it comes to incest, it makes me feel completely uncomfortable, and knowing that there’s a fetish of it on the internet makes me feel even worse. Whether fictional or not, it will make me feel sick and dirty.
Of course, people have their preferences. In a fictional world, incest may be perfectly fine. Hell, in Ancient Egypt, there was actual incest. There are a lot of fans of this pairing who ship it nonetheless.
Also, if it’s “hinted” that Atem might be Yuugi’s ancestor, that is one hell of a hint. Haven’t you seen their hairstyles? I think the term ‘reincarnation’ may be the right word, but hey. We don’t know what Yuugi’s dad looks like. Maybe the shared looks is a coincidence.

Yugi more often hints he likes women being he’s flustered around them and even says he likes Anzu
There’s a lovely thing called fan fiction, my dear readers. Fan fiction does wonders for one’s imagination. Maybe you should try it out sometime with your own ship. You know, just a little thought.

Yami is a spirit that’s 5000 years old while Yugi is a teenager. 
Actually, according to the research I did about three years ago, Yami’s age is around 3000 - 5000 years old. Yuugi is still a teenager, around 15 when the series starts (season 0 and manga) and about 17 when the finale hits.
Did you know that alternate universes can be created? Alternate universes are wonderful things. You can control the ages of your characters! Even how they act! It’s beautiful!

Most fics/art makes Yami look like some creepy rapist and Yugi a helpless little smut, which is way out of their character
I hate it too, therefore I ignore those kinds of entries. A popular ship gets a LOT of stuff like that, unfortunately, and artists and writers who create content such as rape and what not should not be in a fandom. It’s worse when there are individuals who think that rape is “hot”, when really it’s not.
Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians despised rape? Look it up. It’s actually pretty refreshing.

Yami Yugi is there to guide and protect Yugi so Yugi can be stronger someday. How does that translate to “Yami wants to be in bed with Yugi”?
Honestly… I can see the Pharaoh having feelings for Yuugi, but knowing his canon personality, he wouldn’t want to bed the cutie pie unless there was consent. (I’ve actually read a few puzzleshipping doujins where consent was present, and they have became my favorite fan made comics of this pairing.)

Unfortunately, there are the fans who give the shippers of this couple a bad name; and hoo boy, don’t they suck. Those 12 - 15 year olds who think that yaoi is the best thing on the planet, hate their parents because “they don’t know them”, and listen to horrible music like BOTDF and Brokencyde. Don’t forget that they think their “edgy”, and they also butcher the Japanese language like they’re trying to speak Spanish in their foreign language class.

Those fans that I have just described to you, have that mindset. “Yami must be protecting Yuugi so that he could get into his pants! OMG!!!! THIS IS SO CANON!!!111one!!!1!!!!#!@!” It’s a horrible mindset to be in, and definitely doesn’t make any sense. Also, they may freak out if the two are holding hands. … When it can also be a friend thing… I don’t know either.

Puzzleshipping is one of the most popular ships from YuGiOh. I’m not going to deny that. The shippers are practically 90% of the show’s fanbase. That can be both a good and bad thing. The reasons listed why someone could hate this pairing are reasonable… if you look at the canon aspects of the show. I’m not even that angry in this post as opposed to the peachshipping defense I did a while back. It’s strange, really.

Overally, puzzleshipping is harmless when given the right stories and fanart. I’ll even post a few pictures here (with sources) just to prove my point.

(Credit to a pixiv user.)

(credit to 青元 on pixiv)

(credit to mayu on pixiv)

Hopefully this will get people to understand that this ship isn’t just about pedophilia/necrophilia and rape. I really hope people will understand that.
Lizzie out.

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Couple: Zelena Mills/Wicked Witch of the West&Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold (Wicked Gold)

Fandon: Once Upon A Time

Why It’s Hated: Zelena is seen as a fangirl stalker, Rumpelstiltskin ruined her chance of happiness by choosing Regina instead of her to be his prized student, she killed his son, trapped him in a cage for seven months and the simple fact their kiss pissed off so many fans that it was the supposed reason the episode had such a low rating on account of the promo photos hyped the kiss up. It also had a creepy incest/rape vibe because Zelena is the daughter of one of his girlfriends where one of the fan theories circulated she might have been his daughter

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Pairing: UlquiHime (Ulquiorra Cifer x Orihime Inoue)

Series/Fandom: Bleach

Reasons they’re hated: In the way of IchiHime and IshiHime. Orihime feeling sorry for Ulquiorra doesn’t mean she loves him. Ignores canon Ulquiorra and turns him into a “woobie.” Accused of being used by IchiRuki fans to get Orihime out of the way. This ship cheapens Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo and would force her to betray her friends.

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To all the Followers…

First of all thank you everyone for liking and re blogging our posts and submitting either submissions or defenses. Getting a lot of anons recently regarding certain ships we post were many are directed at the admins for having the disrespect to slander a couple or even putting it here with horrible intentions. Going to say this again because it seems like it needs to be repeated constantly. We the admins have virtually no opinion regarding 75% of what gets posted, what gets posted here is what OTHER people present, all we do is get the submissions posted with pictures we do find but the rest people send to us. If a ship you like gets posted up there, its because someone else sent it to us what you can do is submit a defense to us on why this particular ship needs to be defended in refuting the comments. A few months ago we got accuse of being racists for putting up a couple from Sleepy Hollow which was sent to us explaining why its controversial. If a couple is controversial or does get a lot of mixed messages from its fandom then of course it is going to put up here. If your ship is on this blog I am sorry can understand because a few of my own ships from varias fandoms get posted up here but it was controversial enough for someone to think up several reasons for it to be here. So stop sending hate messages about telling us to not put in a ship because your favorite is on here. If you believe your couple needs to be defended then post up a defense or re-blog it do not criticize us for doing our jobs.

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Anonymous asked: "i've been noticing a few reasons for not liking ships is "__ is asexual", but asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, not romantic attraction (that would be aromantic). just an fyi!"

We just post up what other people submit!!!!

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Pairing: Juri/Miki

Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Reason they’re hated: Is considered “queer erasure” because Juri’s paired with a man instead of a woman even though word of god never discusses her actual sexuality, only that she loves one specific person.

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aussiejimfan19 asked: "Hi! when you spoke on this (Puzzleshipping (Yami Yugi/Atem X Yugi) ) what was your goal in explaining why it was hated as a pairing? Cause I swear after I read it, it did make sense and I found it funny because it was true. Though I myself support them as equals or brothers."

For the ten thousandth time, I personally do not put up these pairings. This is a SUBMISSION based blog.

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Anonymous asked: "Why don't you accept crossover ships?"

Because there are millions upon millions of possibilities and variations of crossover ships and not everyone knows of them, there is no point of having opinions for them cuz most people are like “oh yea, I like crossover ships” or “oh no, i hate crossover ships” - it’s never really a ONE crossover ship hate

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Defense for JeanMarco

JeanMarco definitely isn’t my favorite ship but I had no idea that it got hate and I’ll be happy to defend it.


I feel the reason some people claim a ship is overrated is because they can’t understand why it’s so popular or simply just don’t prefer it despite it being so well-liked. And it’s totally fine not to like something that is popular. However, what’s not alright to claim it doesn’t deserve to be liked just because you don’t. Plus, is it really the ship’s fault that so many people decided, for themselves, to like it?

Yet another obligatory yaoi ship

I’m not exactly clear on what “obligatory” means, but I’m going to assume people mean that they feel like it’s necessary that everyone ships JeanMarco since it’s so popular, and/or that it was inevitable that Jean and Marco would be paired up romantically. For the first part: You are not required to ship ANY couple, even if 99% of the fandom does. And for the second part: Usually when two characters are close friends, they do indeed end up being shipped together. However, you still can choose to see Jean and Marco as just friends instead of lovers if you want to.

It’s not healthy for Jean to keep pining for Marco after Marco’s death

First off, it is not confirmed that Jean canonically has/had romantic feelings for Marco. And whether platonic or romantic, it’s understandable that Jean won’t be getting over Marco’s death easily: Marco was his closest friend and played a huge part in Jean’s character development. However, instead of letting those feelings drag him down, it seems more that Jean has decided to use his memories with Marco to motivate himself to become a better person and to continue fighting to save humanity.

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Anonymous asked: "It's spelled Esmeralda. People like the pairing because it is controversial. exciting this a way. Phoebus was a man whore in the book disney deliberately chose the safe cute route for him and avoid his cheating ways to look like a boy scout."

That was why it got picked here because it is a controversial pairing. Not sure what you are suggesting…

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