Anonymous asked: "To the anon who asked about Painting!Garry, it's just a fan theory that Garry is actually one of Guertena's paintings from the gallery. So, since he's a painting (in the theory) he technically won't age."

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helloeverythingsfine asked: "Hello, I read your post about Ib and Garry, and I really loved it. But I was just wondering, what is the Painting!Garry theory?"

I literally have no idea, I’ve never played the game. It was submission… because this blog is all submission… ^^’

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A Defence of Ib and Garry from Ib (game)

If there is any couple that is controversial, it is IbxGarry. I am surprised at myself for being surprised that this ship has arrived at this harbour, since it is a pretty big vessel. Warning: Spoilers, fan theories, and a lot of snark. 

Paedophilia is defined as a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. 

Canonically, Garry treats Ib as a younger sister or as someone he must protect since he is the older adult in the situation. Their budding and deep connection was a bond forged as they journeyed through the gallery together, and strengthened when they rescued each other at different times. Their relationship is the game is strictly platonic and anything that can be interpreted as romantic is probably a little girl’s crush on an adult, or twisted from the older boy’s acts of friendship.

In the fandom, if Ib is still depicted as a child, and if it is a picture of her and Garry, it will most likely be platonic and sweet. Rarely do you find actual paedophilia in the fanworks as most people will not cross that line. (I will save that for later)If Ib is depicted as an adult, whether or not the situation is romantic, the argument is invalid


Garry is feminine. He uses lavender linguistics. He is shown to be flashy and knowledgeable in fashion and clothing materials. He has purple hair. He screamed when a portrait spat at him. You are absolutely right, Garry isn’t manly. 

He is strong though, moving bookcases here and there, carrying Ib to that safe room. Garry is brave, he carries on and puts up a strong front for Ib even though he is terrified stiff of the gallery. Garry is a true gentleman, making sure that Ib is safe and comfortable and is always making small talk to brighten the mood for them. Garry is protective, smiling even through the biggest sacrifice he will ever make in his life. So no, Garry isn’t manly, but he is the best man you could ever hope for in that particular situation. He is the best man you can ever hope for in any terrifying situation.

This is a rather weak argument as there are numerous examples in other fandoms where two people who barely interact or interact with animosity become some of the biggest armadas in the fandom (eg. Dramione, Zutara) Not to mention crossover couples like Jelsa.

The thing about many couples is that instant romantic interest is unnecessary to kindle a romantic relationship. Many couples may grow to love each other over time. For some, the romantic interest may not be shown, but it is still hidden for some fanfic writer to mine and polish. Just because it isn’t apparent, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

For Ib and Garry there are inifinite possibilities. Ib may have a crush on Garry which turns to pure, true love over the years, or Ib will always view Garry as a friend until BAM! ‘Oh my I just realised he’s quite the gentleman and kind of sexy too.’ or even the cheesy ‘we will occasionally pretend we are lovers until we realise we really are lovers without the physical intimacy.’ Maybe Garry will always love Ib until he finally realises ‘Hey! I’m not a potential pedobear any more so it’s okay to ask her out for dinner!’  

This ship is nothing but controversial if you step on the wrong landmine, but that’s a given because of Ib’s canon age in the game and her huge age difference with Garry. However, it’s not fair to simply assume crap about the shippers because many of us do not step on those theoretical mines. 

Throughout the IbxGarry fandom, the rarest kind of doujinshi or fanart or fanfiction are the ones that involve Ib and Garry in a full on, sexual, intimate relationship with Garry as a paedophile. (Or reverse if you fancy their gender-bent forms)

If it isn’t obvious enough, Ib and Garry are both humans, and as humans, we tend to do grow and age. (Unless you believe the Painting!Garry theory) Let’s say this game will forever be remembered as a classic in about 10 to 12 years time (like how Harry Potter or FFVII is still revered today). If Kouri, the creator, ever gives proper birth years to them, we would probably see fans celebrate their birthdays and watch the artworks turning them older and older. Applying real life logic and simply waiting out for Ib to grow into a legal consenting adult, your argument is once again invalid

Yes, some of us joke about the age difference. Yes, some of us teasingly call Garry a lolicon or an Ibcon. No, we do not support paedophilia. Many Ib and Garry RPs or ask-blogs show Ib having a crush on Garry or that she can’t wait to grow up to marry him. Don’t normal little girls do that to grown up boys who win their affection? Some show Garry having a soft spot for Ib, waiting for her to grow up and that’s fine too.That’s what any responsible person does when they are in a precarious predicament which requires careful deliberation. The best thing to do in this situation is just to stay calm wait for their beloved to grow up. 

Which is what some people need to seriously do (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Over and out <3


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Defense for Link/Midna

As a former Link/Minda fan I shall defend this pairing. Because I believe the relationship between Link and Midna, whether romantic or platonic is beautiful.

Gets in the way of ZeLink

Here we go again.

Why hate the pairing because of that? I mean last I checked there weren’t much ZeLink hints in Twilight Princess anyway. And that’s not just because Link’s relationships with Midna and Ilia are more touched up upon…But Zelda didn’t get much one on one time with Link because events of the story.

So direct your bias towards the story of Twilight Princess…Not Midna’s relationship with Link.

Midna is a different species entirely

Not completely…At least when she’s in her true form.

Speaking of different species, it would be a little hard for ZeLink moments because most of the time Link and Zelda spent together…Link was a wolf!

She abandons Link at end game, breaking the mirror of twilight so he cannot get to her anymore

And that is a reason to hate this pairing…WHY?!?!?!?!

And that’s what made their relationship so gripping in the first place…Because I’m pretty sure Midna didn’t want to leave Link and Link didn’t want her to disappear.

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A Defense for Hitomi/Kyousuke

This is by no means something I ship, however I feel as though I’m the only person in this fandom who doesn’t straight-up despise Hitomi/Kyousuke.

Ah, Madoka Magica. I love two of your yuri ships despite the fact that I can technically ship any two characters with each other. It’s clear that I’ve got the unpopular opinions in this fandom. But anyway, let’s get to it!

Reason 1. Hitomi is a bitch

Okay, this one is a problem that’s hard to dig up, mostly because on surface value, Hitomi could be considered a bitch. In fact, for a long time she was one of my most hated anime characters.

However, upon watching Madoka Magica for the 5th or 6th time, I realized that Hitomi wasn’t at fault for this. She had no clue what she was doing, mostly because Sayaka never told her “Hey, I’m a magical girl.” No, Sayaka isn’t at fault either. If you tell someone you’re a magical girl, they’ll think you’re crazy.

Hitomi wasn’t a bitch who was trying to ruin Sayaka’s life, in fact, she gave her the chance to confess to Kyousuke, but she didn’t take it. (Make of that what you will)

Reason 2. It’s not yuri!!111

Please go to the corner and think about what you just said.

If this is a reason you don’t like this ship, then that’s just sad. Not every ship in Madoka has to be yuri, you know. It’s nice to have a little variety!

Reason 3. Kyousuke should have known Sayaka liked him

And this is basically where I’m split on this shipping. On one hand, Sayaka never really told him, and they mostly just did friend things like listening to music together and god knows what else.

However, you could make a pretty strong argument that it was kinda obvious Sayaka liked him. She did go out of her way to buy him all this nice stuff and just being a generally sweet person.

But of both of those sides, I’d choose that it was plausible for Kyousuke to not know about her crush. This might seem weird, but remember, he was in the hospital for multiple injuries and he’d never be able to do what he loved if it wasn’t for Sayaka’s wish. Since they were, in fact, friends, Sayaka was sort of obligated to be that nice to him.

All in all, it could go either way, but in my opinion this reason still isn’t valid.

Reason 4. Sayaka’s turning into a witch killed the Kyoko/Sayaka shipping!

Okay, first of all, getting in the way of ships is not a reason to dislike a ship. I ship a lot of things that get in the way of other things I ship, and most of my complaining is just wondering which I like better.

Second, I’m actually pretty sure KyoSaya got stronger AFTER Sayaka became a witch. Yep, that’s right, a ship that’s almost universally hated sparked the light between two characters of a ship that almost everyone likes.

It might sound weird, but think about it. Kyoko only started being really nice to Sayaka right before they died in Oktavia’s barrier. Kyoko realized how she felt about Sayaka after she became a witch.

So basically, Hitomi/Kyousuke saved your ship’s sorry ass.

Reason 5. I thought Hitomi was Sayaka’s friend! Why would she do something like that for some guy?

Because she liked him, duh.

Actually, she could have gone about it way worse than she did. She gave Sayaka her chance, she passed it up, and we can’t really put Hitomi at fault for that.

Depending on how long Kyousuke was in the hospital, Hitomi could have waited months to see him again, whereas Sayaka could see him every day. She basically knew that Sayaka wanted to go out with Kyousuke, so she gave her a day’s time. What do you know, she didn’t ask him, so Hitomi took the chance that she had thoroughly discussed with Sayaka and asked him out.

All in all, this is not a bad ship. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but at least remember not to put Hitomi or Kyousuke at fault for your precious KyoSaya not being canon.

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Defense of Lutecest

Lutecest is my life currently, it’s my #1 OTP of all time so I just need to submit a defense.

Annoying: Well that’s a personal opinion but I don’t think they are. They’re in the game for like 11 minutes tops and it may not seem like it, but they give VERY important foreshadowing and clues to the games plot.

Creepy: Yeah I guess the way they always show up and then disappear out of thin air, there deadpan voices, stoic expressions, etc.

Incest: Ok this is the big one… they’re not siblings at all, they’re the same person from different universes!

Another thing about this ship is that Rosalind loves Robert so much. She uses a very different tone of voice when talking about him, when he was bleeding when he crossed over she transfused her own blood into him and then calmed him with music, and the ONLY time we see her smile in the game is when she’s dancing with him.

This ship is just so perfect and cute and AGH I LOVE IT

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Pairing: Luka Millfy/Don Dogoier
Series: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Reasons Why They’re Hated: Luka’s too violent and beats up Don, this ship supposedly condones or makes fun of domestic violence, Luka’s a “bitch” and “too masculine”, “Luka belongs with Joe!”, “Don belongs with Gai!”

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Couple: Todd Wilkins/Jessica Wakefield

Fandom: Sweet Valley

Reasons Why It’s Hated: Todd is boring/judgmental/a jerk, Todd was Elizabeth’s boyfriend for most of the original book series, Todd and Jessica continue to have a volatile relationship even after they get married, to make this pairing happen it had to retcon the original books so that Todd and Jessica were having an affair behind Elizabeth’s back ever since college.

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Pairing: Phantom/Meg Giry

Series/Fandom: Phantom of the Opera

Reason for being hated: It makes no sense, it’s “pairing the spares”, it makes Phantom’s love for Christine redundant, they’re incompatible since Meg can’t sing, they are never interested in each other except in “Love Never Dies” where Meg’s obsession with the Phantom drives her insane and [SPOILER]she kills Christine and tries to kill Christine’s son[SPOILER] and prostitutes herself to help him, book canon Meg married a baron instead

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Pairing: Mad Hatter/Alice

Series/Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (many adaptations)

Reasons why they’re hated: Not canon to the original books. Considered pedophilia since Alice is a child when she first went to Wonderland, even if she is an adult by the time of the adaptation. Adds “unnecessary” romance to what was originally a children’s story. Can be done in a very creepy way e.g. Batman villain Mad Hatter who stalked and abducted his secretary Alice

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