Pairing: Sakuno Ryuzaki x Ryoma Echizen

Series/Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Reasons why they’re hated: “Het”, “boring”, “Sakuno is not a Strong Female Character (tm) so she doesn’t deserve a boyfriend”, “Ryoma must be GAY GAY GAY so he can hook up with boys like Momo and Yezuka instead”, “Ryoma supposedly hates and ignores her”, “Sakuno is weak, stuttering and a buttkisser”, “Sakuno is selfish and only thinks of herself so she doesn’t ~understand and love~ Ryoma enough.”

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    Reminder that Sakuno’s tennis is improving and she won 3rd place in a tournament!
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    can i just say that i’m also pretty sure sakuno was good enough to become a member of the regulars on the girls’ tennis...
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    ok I can’t help but put my opinion too: First we’re talking about a shounen manga/anime. Who cares about romance in...
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    Why the fuck did I say Sakuno isn’t good enough for Ryoma?Other than that you TOTALLY missed the point of my argument.I...